Elecracft K1 Resources

This page gathers some useful reference material about the Elecraft K1. ┬áThe K1 pages at Elecraft Local copy of the K1 docs (versions applicable to my model) The K1 data sheet The K1 quick reference card The K1 assembly manual rev F and corresponding errata sheet The KFL1-2 two-band filter board assembly instructions rev H. … Read more

Elecracft K1 Multi-Band CW Transceiver

Small BoomBox and mojo to go… This is how NN6CW and many others describe the K1 – a small, lightwiegth QRP transceiver kit from Elecraft. The K1 has been a legend ever since it came out. It is easy to build, looks very professional, has a superb user interface, and offers great perfomance.

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New Final for the K1

I have now waited more than two weeks for the 2SC1969 that I have ordered from El Supply. Since the Easter holidays are coming closer and closer and I want to have the K1 with me, I looked for another source. I found Brinck Elektronik who has a shop in Copenhagen city. I was lucky enough to get the last piece they had on stock. They can still order it for me later but it will cost twice as much.

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