About Alexandru Csete

My name is Alex, full name Alexandru Csete, @csete on Twitter, OZ9AEC on the air and YouTube.

I have a Master’s degree in physics from Aarhus University in Denmark. I did my master thesis work in experimental atomic physics at CERN, studying the interaction of slow protons and antiprotons in matter. You can get a copy of my thesis here.

After university, I went to work in the European space industry for about 8 years where I spent most of my time as a software engineer, working with the onboard software for the ESA ATV “Jules Verne” and the Gaia missions.

I have also participated in the Google Lunar X Prize for a few years as member of Team FREDNET, trying to figure out how to send live high-definition video from the Moon.

Between 2011-2021 I have been a development engineer at Thrane & Thrane (now Cobham Satcom) where I was working with control systems and embedded software for stabilized Ku/Ka VSAT antennas. I’m proud to be part of the team that created the world’s best SAILOR and Explorer VSAT antennas.

In 2021, I founded SpaceTech denMACH with Sheila Christiansen with the purpose of using space, satcom, and IoT technologies to solve real world problems. Despite some astonishing accomplishments over the years, such as getting our technology to the International Space Station, the company got ruined by a group of clueless morons who decided that it was a good idea to get rid of all key personnel, including Sheila and myself, just a few months before product launch. Despite the bad ending, it was a very instructive experience during which we have a learned a lot about building up a tech company from scratch.

So now, Sheila and I continue to pursue our vision and mission through our new company, SheileX.

In addition to the above I am also:


For technical support, please use the support forums and communities that have been set up for that purpose.

I am available for consulting and contract work within space, satcom, and SDR through my company SheileX. You can contact me at alex @ sheilex.com. Please only work-related emails here.

For private conversations, you can use oz9aec @ gmail.com. I am interested in talking to people who have similar interests, but I will ignore tech support-type emails from strangers. I have a company to run, family & friends, and I already spend a lot of time making free, open-source software for others.