Antenna Review

I have now gone through the antenna to check what condition it is in. The bottom section is very bad and there are lots of things to be done before this antenna can do me any good.

Here is a list of todos I have identified so far:

  • The aluminium parts need to be cleaned.
  • Screws and bolts need to be changed since most of them are very rusty.
  • Antenna plug very dirty – needs to be changed.
  • U-bolts have to be changed.

I could not measure any resistance across the DC coupling coil. I took it off and cleaned it whereafter the resistance was ok, but I could not put it back again (need new screw).

The connection from the antenna plug to the antenna seems to be broken as well. The whole thing seems to be one piece, meaning that I can not just dismount and replace the antenna plug. The whole thing seems to be rotten away 🙁


The antenna is quite useless in this condition. I need to find out how to re-establish the connection between the plug and the antenna. Maybe I can find a new base element?