The resurrected DX-88 after a few weeks

Few months ago I have decided to resurrect my 20 year old HyGain DX-88 vertical antenna again. It was a very good idea.

I have been able to participate in the European FreeDV nets every second Thursday. I have been able to talk to exotic places now that 15, 12 and 10 meters have been open for several week. Below is a screenshot taken November 1st, showing 20 to 30 MHz. I don’t remember the last time I have seen so much activity on 12 and 10 meters.

20 - 30 MHz received with DX-88 conencted to RFSpace CloudIQ

It is also a superb antenna for receiving the ham bands. The screenshot below shows a comparison of the DX-88 to my home made PA0RDT miniwhip between DC and 10 MHz. We can clearly see that the DX-88 is tuned for specific bands (80 and 40 meters) whereas the miniwhip has a pretty much flat response over the whole range. The DX-88 attenuates signals outside the ham bands, but it will deliver much stronger signals on 80 and 40 compared to the miniwhip.

DX-88 vs. Miniwhip

The antennas compare similarly on higher frequencies. Above 22 MHz the miniwhip starts to become very quiet as you can also experience it for yourself on the Wide-band WebSDR at the University of Twente. However, the DX-88 receives many signals not heard using the miniwhip.