HF2V – Take 2

I am now back again in Høm for a few days and this time I wanted to mount the HF2V permanently.

I have decided to go for the 80/40/30 version that is, mount the 30 meter extension as well. I am going to wait with the 160 meter extension for now. In this respect it is interesting to note that the 30 meter extension kit comes with its own 75 ohm feedline, which has to be used on all bands.

For initial settings I used the values from the assembly manual and using my IC-765 I obtained the results listed below:

Band L [cm] SWR
fc [MHz]
Δf @ SWR 2:1
80m 36 1.2 4.05 4.00 – 4.14
40m 26 1.1 6.97 6.83 – 7.10
30m 17.5 1.0 8.92 8.68 – 9.78

Despite the bad SWR and resonance frequency on 80 and 30 I could hear strong signals on both bands. I will leave the antenna as it is for now, and do some measurements from the shack using my newly acquired miniVNA.