Listen Twice as much as You Speak

I am sure there are many biological reason why a human has two ears and only one mouth. However, some poeple chose to interpret this fact as humans are supposed to listen twice as much then they are speaking.

I try to do exactly that during both regular conversation and while I am on the radio. And it pays off very often!

The 7.00-7.01 MHz frequency range in Europe is always full of monster-stations calling CQ DX with their 5 Megawatt transmitters. Sometimes they just sit there and shout for an hour without making a single contact. However, if you listen carefully, there is plenty of good DX on the very same or nearby frequencies. How come the monsters can’t hear them? Maybe someone should explain to them that they also need a good receiver in addition to their megawatt transmitter…

Anyway, by listening carefully in between the monsters, I managed to work JA7ARM tonight. His signals were up to S7 with a lot of QSB. Even the noise floor was on S5+.

My antenna is good, my receiver is good and I listen twice as much as I speak. Therefore I work DX.