Gpredict 0.6 for Mac OS X

Got a cool email few days ago telling me that gpredict 0.6 is available for Mac OS X. Both building instructions as well as ready made packages are available here from the Huntsville Mac User Group. Thanks to Marius Schamschula for doing the good work!

Gpredict 0.6 finally out!

Well, it seems that I have finally managed to release the first official version of Gpredict that uses Gtk+ 2. It was about time since the old Gtk+/Gnome 1 version was getting impossible to maintain, and it was included in both Debian and FreeBSD.

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Locations Tree

Most of the time here in the begining of the gpredict for Gtk+ 2 development process will go with writing all sorts of small utility widgets, which can be re-used several places in the program.

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