Coils for the T1

I have now finished the last two coils, L6 and L7, as well. Looking back I think it was a very good idea to make the coils in the same order as described in the assembly manual: L1 … L7. It starts with just a few turns and increases gradually up to 29 turns on L7.

I found this to be very, very close to the maximum number of turns there is room for on a T37-2. So it has been very good practice to begin with just 3 close turns for L1, then continue with 5 evenly spaced turns round the core, then 7, 11, 16, 20 and finally 29. It is also a good idea to tighten the wire every 2-3 turns, but be careful not the break the wire. I have made the mistake of not tightening the wire on L1 (3 turns) and now the core is rather loose. I will have to redo that.

Elecraft T1 main board

There are more pictures in the picture gallery. Now I can continue with the control board.