Today I’ll start to assemble the OHR WM-2 QRP wattmeter from Oak Hills Research. I bought the wattmeter via the German QRP Project few weeks ago but I didn’t really have time to build it yet.

The first impressions after unpacking the kit are really good. The parts are organised in four bags, one for the electronic parts, one for the mechanical parts, one for the crews and one last bag for miscellaneous things like pcb and wires. It looks like every single bit needed to full assembly is included but I don’t bother to do a full inventory check.

The mechanical instument looks very professional with big easy to read letters, as does the ready made enclosure with all holes drilled. I am particularly happy about the enclosure, because this way I will be able to completely finish the WM-2 without fiddling around with a bad battery driven drilling machine (as I had to do with the Sparrow).

The assembly manual seems to be very nice, too. It is A4 size, spiral backed and easily readable text. Very nice. I better get started.