Improvised Shoulder Strap Holder

When I bought my FT-817 (second hand) it came with a shoulder strap but the shoulder strap holders were missing. I talked to the seller and he promised to send them to me. Few days later I have received another shoulder strap so that now I had two shoulder straps but still no holder!

Now that I’ve got the Arrow II antenna and I will be attempting to work satellites with the FT-817 I really needed to mount a shoulder strap. So I came up with this solution using 1 mm copper wire to hold a shoulder strap from a cheap laptop bag that I had laying around. This shoulder strap is actually much more comfortable and easy to take off when the FT-817 is in the shack. Yeah, so I still have two original FT-817 shoulder straps if anyone needs them…

From YAESU FT-817