Funcube Dongle on the air tests at OZ7SAT

On Tuesday I took my Funcube Dongle to our weekly meeting at OZ7SAT for testing it on the air using some bigger antennas than my Arrow antenna. We were listening for amateur radio satellites and cubesat on the 70 cm band and we were using a standard Wimo X-yagi (8 elements I think). For SDR receiver application we used modified Quisk SDR running on Ubuntu Linux.

Cute-1.7 + APDII CW beacon

The CW beacon on Cute-1.7 + APD II is transmitting with 100mW RF. Good signal!

FO-29 CW beacon

HO-68 CW beacon

The HO-68 / XW-1 CW beacon is transmitting with 200mW RF.


I have no video, only a few screenshots with and without local QRM (probably out of band). According to the SEEDS-II website, the CW beacon is transmitting with 90mW RF.

SEEDS II (CO-66) reception in strong QRM

SEEDS II (CO-66) reception with FCD

More tests will follow over the weekend with better recording. The videos above were recorded using handheld video camera but I have now found a way to capture the audio output from Quisk SDR. By the way, you may have noticed that Quisk looks different than before. I got tired of the ugly blue and yellow colors and hacked it to follow the desktop theme. I will write about it later, for now my mods are available here and here.