Qthid 2.2

A few days ago I tagged and packaged qthid-2.2. This release contains no new functionality compared to the 2.1 release, but it brings various user interface enhancements. In particular Mac users will find that there is now a proper application icon in the bundle.

Qthid FCD Controller v2.2 on Mac OS X

Changes in version 2.2:

  • Use native toolbar and status bar on Mac OS X
  • New application icon based on SVG drawing
  • Correctly set application and bundle icon on Mac OS X and Windows
  • Minor UI tweaks.
  • Fix qthid.pro to allow correct build on Ubuntu 9.04 (thanks EA4FVS).
  • Correct application name in file headers (thanks Andrew Elwell)

The source code and pre-compiled binaries for Mac OS X and Linux (32 and 64 bit) are available from my Github repository:

See the README.txt included in the packages for how use and compile the source code.

In the meantime Mario DL5MLO has ported the remaining API from the windows controller to qthid and his work is now being integrated in the qthid/next branch.