Qthid 3.0 for Windows

The Qt-based Funcube Dongle Controller is now also available as a windows binary package – thanks to Mike Willis G0MJW and David Barber G0OQW who have been trying to build it until we eliminated the two build issues (one of them was my fault 😉

Funcube Dongle Controller on Windows 7

We now also know that building qthid on Windows requires both the Qt SDK and the Microsoft Windows SDK – very large downloads. Fortunately, the distributed binary package is only 5 MB and it contains all the required runtime libraries and no SDK is necessary for executing it.

The qthid 3.0 windows binary package is available from the download page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/qthid/files/3.0/qthid-3.0-win32.zip

You can also see the discussion thread that lead to the creation of the windows package.

So far, the reports say that it works well on Windows XP, Vista and 7.