SwissCube reception with Funcube Dongle and Arrow antenna

This is the second satellite reception in a series recorded on Monday, February 28, 2011 using the Funcube Dongle software defined radio receiver and the Arrow II hand-held satellite antenna. The spacecraft is the SwissCube satellite with 100 mW CW beacon and 1 W FSK tranmitter (second half of the video). The recording was done on JO45KG during orbit 7594.

The Funcube Dongle can receive Swisscube already at low elevations and the signal becomes quite strong around TCA. This is also the time where the satellite switches to FSK downlink; possibly because it is now in range of the command station in Switzerland.

This was an impressive performance supporting the usability of the Funcube Dongle as a low cost VHF/UHF receiver for space communications.