Updated fcdctl for the Funcube Dongle Pro and Pro+

About a year ago I wrote about my modified fcdcontrol application that could be used with the Funcube Dongle Pro and Pro+. The news back then was that it could be used on the Raspberry Pi to control the FCD instead of the continuously failing attempts at running qthid. Unfortunately, the fcdcontrol application often crashed due to a problem at the hidapi / libusb layer.

This problem has since been triaged and fixed by Hans de Goede and the updated hidapi files have been copied to both qthid and the fcd controller application. While working on the code I have decided to give it a general clean-up, rename it to fcdctl and move the repository to github. The original repository is still available; however, updates are only pushed to Github.

I have also included improved versions of udev rule files, one for the Funcube Dongle Pro and one for the Funcube Dongle Pro+. Instructions for how to install these are included in the INSTALL file.

Here is a complete terminal session to check out and build fcdctl:

  $ git clone https://github.com/csete/fcdctl.git fcdctl.git
  $ cd fcdctl.git
  $ make

or if you want to build for the Funcube Dongle Pro+:

  $ make fcdpp

This tool is now currently used in my autonomous Funcube telemetry receiver setup and appears to work very well with the updated hidapi. Feedback is welcome either through comments here, or you can also submit bugs on the github project page.