GQRX receiving the HO-68 satellite

The gqrx software receiver implemented with GNU Radio and Qt GUI is now taking shape and becoming useful. Yesterday evening I went to OZ7SAT and had the USRP+WBX connected to a real antenna tracking amateur radio satellites. The video below shows reception of the evening pass of HO-68, aka. XW-1.

The recording was made during live reception, i.e. no prerecorded IQ file, which is why it may seem a bit weird with nothing happening from time to time. The signals were not as strong as during the previous pass so I was also checking cables etc. I’ll post a recording of the previous pass one of the coming days.

There are many “pops” during the recording – this means the AGC needs some tuning. Of course, you can also tune it yourself since the source code is available on Github.

Watch video on YouTube.

GQRX - the GNU Radio receiver with Qt GUI receiving the linear transponder downlink of HO-68 satellite.