WBX Transceiver Tests using GNU Radio and USRP

This video shows my first on-the-air tests with the WBX transceiver using the USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) and GNU Radio.

The receiver was tested using wide band FM broadcast, APT signal from NOAA 17 satellite and Copenhagen VOLMET. I have also performed some tests using DVB-T signal and wireless sensor signals but I wanted to keep the video short so these were not included. I can post them in separate videos if there is interest.

For the transmitter part I was using a modified version of SDR transceiver for transmitting and my YAESU FT-817 for receiving the signal from the WBX transmitter. I tested FM, AM and SSB. I tested both LSB and USB but only included LSB in the video, again to limit the length of the video.

Watch in high definition.

Needless to say, I am having lots of fun playing with software defined radios using GNU Radio and the USRP 🙂