Omnia SDR

Few weeks ago I learned about the Omnia SDR project, which is a newly released softrock type transceiver kit. It has an on-board USB audio codec, which I consider to be a significant advantage, making it suitable to be used with embedded linux computer boards that do not have a good on-board audio codec. However, for me the Omnia SDR will form the basis for a remote controlled SDR transceiver, which I think will be a natural continuation of my remote rig project.

The kit arrives in DK within a week or so. Then local customs handling takes a few more days, even a week. I had to pay VAT (DKK 184) plus customs fee (DKK 160) so the total price for me ended up being DKK 1222, about 160 Euros. Still a very good price for for this kind of transceiver kit.

PCB top

PCB bottom