Omnia SDR build status 2016.03.15

Peter OZ7HVO has soldered the difficult parts for me, namely the CY8C32 PSoC, the PCM3060 audio codec and the SI570 oscillator. I consider the SI570 a bit difficult because it has 8 pads and the solder has to flow in below it, so best to let someone skilled do that.


CY8C32 PSoC and PCM3060 audio codec

He notified me that the PSoC was missing a pin! I to a look at the diagram and that pin (number 22) should be grounded together with the surrounding pins. So this is strange.

IND grounded

According to the data sheet these pins are used by an internal boost converter, which is needed when the supply voltage is below 1.8 V. This is not the case here so the connections are unused. In the data sheet the surrounding pins are grounded and pin number 22 is not connected, so that could explain why the pin was removed.

IND not connected