Eeeham Status

Note: This page is now obsolete since I have installed Ubuntu 9.04 desktop edition on the Eeepc. This opens the door to use all ham radio applications available for Ubuntu!

Eeeham dedicated to ham radio applications on the Asus eeepc. The idea is to have a set of Linux ham radio applications built on a host computer and packaged and configured so that they can be run off an SD or USB disk on the eeepc. User data related to the applications shall be stored on the same disk. I think this is a good approach since it will keep the eeepc system disk clean of my experiments.

To begin with I am focusing on simply making a few applications work on the eeepc and distribute them as a .tgz or similar package. The end user can then simply unpack it on the disk, plug the disk into the eeepc and run the apps. Advanced users can create shortcuts on the desktop and/or the icewm start menu (provided that it has been enabled).

The applications I plan to look at are listed below, together with their status. Drop me a line if you have any suggestions for an application to be included.


Application Version Status Notes
Predict 2.2.1jh6 Working
Fldigi TBD