Multimedia on the eeepc

Ok, so the eeepc seems to be intended as an entertainment computer with which you can have fun, listen to music, watch movies, and so on. But does it work?

Well, yes and no… As I have already reported, the webcam works but I still haven’t tried to make a video conference on skype.

On the internet tab there is a link called Listen to Radio. Clicking it takes you to a website with online radio stations and they work using the mplayer plugin in firefox. Other sites that I’ve tried include:

  • Our national TV doesn’t work (it’s crap anyway)
  • NASA TV does not work either. On other linux distros I have to open the URL in a player because the mplayer plugin stops after buffering.
  • Digitally Imported doesn’t work either. On my main pc I use external apps.

Ok, the video stuff above is windows media crap, but mplayer should be able to playe. I have installed the extra plugins as instructed on the wiki. Maybe I should try downgrading mplayer?

Anybody got an idea how to make at least NASA TV work? That would be really cool.