Predict for the eeepc using Ubuntu host

My first attempt to port Predict to the eeepc using my Ubunutu 7.10 desktop as host did not work out. First, I created a custom version of predict-2.2.1jh6, i.e. the version containing the rather cool mods by John Heaton G1YYH. My own mods of the jh6 version include getting rid of the silly build system and tweaking the vocalizer.

I succeeded in creating a fully functional version that can be run in the current working directory. Unfortunately, thransferring the binary to the eeepc and running it did not work out because the eeepc comes with glibc 2.3, while the binary built on my host required at least version 2.4. I also tried to install some development tools and build it directly on the eeepc target, but that wasn’t successful either.

My next attempt consists of trying the eeepc SDK. I have already downloaded it and it seems to be a desktop edition of Xandros. It is being installed on my idle laptop as we speak. So far everything went all right and it looks promising. I will get back once I have it up and running.