Predict on the eeepc: Now Working!

Finally, after several failed attempts I have now succeeded in running predict on the eeepc. As you might remember, my very first attempt consisting of simply taking a binary built on Ubuntu host failed due to the ancient version og glibc available on the eeepc.

Later I have learned of the existence of the eeepc SDK, which turned out to be a distibution of Xandros. I tried to install it on a spare laptop I had lying around, but that attempt failed miserably, too. The OS got locked up shortly after login, so I guess Xandros didn’t particularly like the hardware it was running on (which is strange taking into account that I have been running Ubuntu 7.04 on it before).

Then, I tried to install the SDK distribution on an even older laptop, and that seemed to work fine, despite the fact that I spent several evenings on trying to make the damn xandros work properly for me (e.g. installing xterm and xfce instead of kde – remember it’s an old laptop).

I guess this Xandros stuff really isn’t my cup of tea but I will have to put up with it when I have to compile stuff for the eeepc. Which brings me to the point of this post… I copied my source tree over to the Xandros infected laptop, executed the build script I wrote and voala…

┬áNotice the special Red Alert sound I have added ­čÖé
Speaking of sound… to begin with the sound was very low despite I turned it to maximum. By chance I tried the alsamixer program from the terminal where I noticed that the PCM channel was only at about 50 percent. Turning that up to maximum made a huge difference.