Gpredict 0.7.0

Tonight, I have released Gpredict 0.7.0 containing the automatic TLE update feature, satellite ground tracks, and improved single pass prediction doalogue.

The TLE update using libcurl has been available for a few months now, though I have decided to hold it back for a while to allow proper testing. This turned out to be a good idea. I have fixed some serious bugs that corrupted the internal data after update and done at least one major improvment to the user interface.

The ground track implementation turned out to be easier than I feared. I even did it very generic so it works with an arbitary number of orbits.

The last improvement I did was the Polar and Az/El plots in the single-pass prediction dialogue (see figure below). I have done the implementation in two nights during the christmas holidays.

The source package is released now, though I still have to do the wintendo build. Hopefully I will be able to that tomorrow evening. There were also some open issues with the windows build, namely some strange characters and no icon in the EXE.

The bad news is that Debian Testing is now frozen for release. Thus, it will come out with more or less outdated gpredict again… Can’t seem to hit the timing properly…