Gpredict Cross-Compiled for Win32 Target

Finally, success!
Following the grig cross build procedure, I have managed to cross compile gpredict, too. Theoretically, it should have gone right away, nevertheless, I ran into few issues along the way.

First, it turned out that the gretl DLL building procedure was rather outdated using dllwrap, which is obsolete according to the man pages. I had to change it to a procedure based on the host build I have performed on gpredict-0.6.1 earlier.

Furthermore, there were several issues with header files being needed to link the .o files into .dll and .lib – I solved these by including all the CFLAGS used during compilation, but it really beats my why they are needed. To export all symbols?

Again, I had to link against libgoocanvas.lib and libagpadp.lib instead of just specifying -lgoocanvas and -lsgpsdp. This may be because I didn’t specify -L …  I’ll try later.

There were no issues with linking against cURL.

Now, the build goes through without any errors, although there are several issues to sort out

  1. goocanvas/config.h is used during building all components, including libsgpsdp.dll and gpredict.exe.
  2. Gpredict takes way too long – up to a minute – to start up. Can this be bacuase of cURL? I have filed a bug report concerning this issue.

And, of course, all the cleaning with including win32 stuff into the distrbuted tarball, adding the GooCanvas baseline to CVS, …