Grig Goes 0.7

Two weeks ago I had a correspondence with Richard VK1RJ concerning some problems with the controlling the TenTec Pegasus. After examining the debug output it turned out that the hamlib backend was working all right but it didn’t set any initial values for the AF and RF levels leaving them at the default minimum level.

this issue motivated me to implement the level controls in grig, which would be yet another step towards the final version. I figured it would be a relatively straightforward task, since all I had to do was adding a lots of sliders in their own window.

Straightforward it was, although I encountered several difficulties along the way. The weirdest one was probably the Gtk-way of implementing things… I don’t know how other people think but I personally would expect a vertical slider, i.e. GtkVScale, to have its minimum value at the bottom and the maximum value at the top. Not in Gtk+. Here the minimum value is at the top, while the maximum is at the bottom. Even worse, there is no way to trick the included GtkRange to use inversed values, that is to have MIN > MAX. Only solution that I could come up with was to use my own inverting algorithms every time I read or write values (I recall using this same hack back in the Gtk+ 1 days :-L …).

Anyway, Grig 0.7 has been released Friday, so now I can focus on Gpredict again.

By the way, I have also created a new web page for grig, it is already on the sourceforge site and now also mirrored here in DK.
10 Sep 2008: The new official website for Grig is