Grig Message Window

No radio this weekend so I could work on some software instead.

I have spent most of Saturday on hacking grig and I am now bvery close to a new release. I have finished the message window, meaning that it can read an entire log file and show it in the list together with some nice statistics. Every time a new file is loaded the contents from the previous file are cleared from the list and replaced with the contents of the new file. The reading is quite fast; reading 3000 lines takes 1-2 seconds.

Reading the log file while still writing to it seems relatively safe. I have tried several times to pipe the grig output to a log file with debug level set to trace, use tail -f on it and read it into the message list – all threee things at the same time! I didn’t notice any problems but I came to tink of that the functionality of tail would be rather neat in the message window… We’ll see… Next week I’ll do some field testing of grig whereafter I’ll kick out a new release.

New Grig message window