Grig Screenshots

Below you can see some standards screenshots of Grig. You can browser the full set of grig screenshots and diagrams in my Grig picture gallery.


The Main Window

The main window gives you access to the most common functions including frequency, mode, filter and AGC controls. Besides being the most common, these CAT commands are available on most radios with CAT capability.

Grig main window


Radio Info Dialog

The info dialog gives you a quick overview of the CAT capabilities of your radio. The info dialog is accessible from the menu bar via the Radio menu.

Radio info dialog


Receiver Level Controls

Grig supports most of the available level settings from hamlib for both RX and TX. This screenshot shows the receiver level controls. The transmitter level controls look very similar to this one.

Receiver level controls


Debug Message Window

The message window can be used to analyse previously captured debug messages coming from both hamlib and grig. It can also be used real-time, although the performance may become an isuue when using very detailed debug levels.

Debug message window