New Idea for Debug Handler

I have been thinking about the performance issues I have experienced in playing with the GtkListView based debug handler. I am sure that it will not work out the way I wanted because too many messages come in too fast when the debug level is set to RIG_DEBUG_VERBOSE or RIG_DEBUG_TRACE. Still, I think the idea of some tool to browse the debug messages is good.

I have thus decided to try a text-only debug handler, which prints the messages to stderr the same way as the hamlib debug handler does, but it adds additional information like time and level. These messages can then be piped to a file and analysed later using a GUI tool. Here I can use the code I have written in the rig-gui-message-window component.

I have already added two new files, which contain the code necessary to trap the debug messages and it even has the possibility to separately record the source of the message, ie. hamlib or grig.

I think this will work out just fine.