Wanna Buy Grig?

Madness has no limits. A recent discovery on eBay proves this: Someone took the trouble to package Grig and sell it for $9.95 as if it was some sort of comercial off the shelf software.

Of course, this is ridiculous! Despite the added value consisting of the nice box, I see no reason whatsoever why someone should pay $9.95 + shipping costs for grig. On the contrary there are several reason for why not to do so:

  • Grig can be downloaded for free.
  • Grig is not in a mature, ready for production state.
  • It is really not worth that amount of money
  • The information provided by the seller is doubtful.

Obviously, the seller did not ever try to actually run Grig. The information provided on the eBay page is simply a copy and paste from the Grig web pages. The screen shots, on the other hand, have been manually (!) altered to remove traces of the dummy backend that I have been using for taking the shots. Moreover, the windows version of Grig, which is what the seller has packaged, will probably not work on anything else than Windows XP.

I am also very, very unhappy about not seeing any mention of the GPL, which is what Grig is licensed under.

I am truly shocked by this insanity. Fortunately, nobody has placed any bids on this. I didn’t bother to contact the seller in clearing up the above mentioned issues, but I must admit that I am worried about somebody, someday being naive enough to actually bid on it. Surely he/she will get disappointed. Why can’t this person sell something more useful, e.g. Ham Radio Deluxe?

If you have any opinions about this, feel free to leave a comment.

Grig in a box :o)

If the term grig in a box used to mean anything, it certainly got a new meaning today :o)
Way to go Apex Software!