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Amateur radio, space tech, and other nerd stuff

DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 2: A closer look at the protocol

In my first post about the IC-706 remote kit I wrote that we don't really need to care about what data protocol is used between the radio and the front panel; all we need is to route the data between a serial port and a network socket. However, it turns out that taking a closer look at the protocol is not only a good idea but also necessary for efficient remote control.


DIY remote kit for the IC-706 part 1: Proof of concept

Few months ago I purchased a used ICOM IC-706MKIIG in good condition and for a quite reasonable price. The primary reason for this acquisition was that l am spending 2.5 hours every day driving a car between my home and my work place and I wanted a mobile radio setup for shortwaves. Because of the detachable front panel the IC-706 is extremely suited for this purpose.


My mcHF UI board is alive!

After completing the UI board I really wanted to see it work and test it one way or other without the RF board.


mcHF build status 2014.07.19

Last night I mounted the LEDs, the electrolytic capacitors and the LCD panel. I am using the HY28B which is why the display doesn't align with the push buttons.


mcHF build status 2014.07.05

I forgot to post this update but I did make some progress since the last report in June. Finished mounting all connectors, buttons and encoders, see photos below.

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