Gpredict 2.0 released

I’m happy to announce that Gpredict 2.0 has been released! This release accumulates many features and bug fixes that have been done over the last six years.

Changes in in this release:

  • New logo
  • Initial port to Gtk+ 3
  • Import transponder data from Satnogs database
  • Support for multiple TLE sources
  • Improved radio and antenna rotator controllers (no application freeze)
  • Map can be centered around arbitrary longitude
  • Natural sort function for satellite list in module configuration
  • Select a satellite in all views
  • AOS and LOS signalling in rigctl interface
  • Autotrack satellites in a module
  • Support for user defined end stops on Azimuth axis
  • Experimental gpsd support
  • Change frequency and antenna position using the mouse wheel
  • Highlight satellites within range in the list view
  • Improved handling of decayed satellites
  • Fixed application freezing while talking to radios and rotators
  • Fixed incorrect program name in desktop files
  • Fixed 100% CPU load on manual time adjustment
  • Fixed issue controlling Yaesu FT-847
  • Fixed old log files not being saved
  • Fixed track button in rotator controller having no effect
  • Fixed operational status of satellites
  • Fixed wrong icon in time controller
  • Fixed missing ground track for new satellites
  • Fixed show next pass shows the current pass
  • Fixed problems with plotting footprints near the poles
  • Fixed satellite nickname not escaped for Pango
  • Updated translations

The source code is available on GitHub or SourceForge.

Binaries for Debian-based systems are available from our PPA or Debian Unstable.

Linux AppImage is a work in progress. So is windows support.

For Mac OS X please try MacPorts.


Thanks to all contributors 🙂

Happy tracking!

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