HF2V on the Air

As you can see on my HF2V pictures, my HF2V is mounted in between a lot of trees. There is even electric fence only 10 meters from it. Nevertheless, it performs very well both on the RX and TX side. It has also been standing for more than a year now and can cope well with the winds on the Danish west coast.

Performance on 160 meters

Although I have now mounted the 160m extension kit I have not tested the performance on this band thoroughly. The band width is very narrow (10kHz or so). I have made a few QSOs within Europe so I would say it performs as you would expect from such an antenna. No DX contacts on 160m yet.

Performance on 80 meters

Works all right, but very narrow bandwidth (as with any other antenna on this band) so you will need a tuner. So far, I have worked CN2, OY3, and most of Europe.

Performance on 40 meters

Since the HF2V is practically a 1/4 wave on 40, it works exceptionally well on this band. Within the few days of testing I worked UA9, 7Z1, J28, W4, CO, P43, JA7, VP5, 4X, TU2, and of course most of Europe.

Performance on 30 meters

For some reason, activity on 30 is very little compared to e.g. 20 or 40. Therefore I have not worked too many stations so far but the antenna seems to work all right. Besides Europe, I worked UA9 and VE9.

Performance on 20 meters

With a tuner the HF2V seems to work all right even on 20. I did make a single QSO, namely 7Z1UG.

Performance on 15 meters (BONUS)

As mentioned earlier, SWR is 1.2 flat between 20 and 22 MHz. There have not been many good openings on this band, however, I have already logged HS0AC, TA4, EK6, and K4.

Performance on 10 meters (BONUS)

As reported quite recently, my HF2V also has a narrow resonant peak in the 10 meter band. Due to the low solar activity I did not have opportunity to test it on the air. The 10 meter band is pretty much dead at my location.

HF2V on the Air Videos (April 2010)

I have recorded some videos showing the signals booming in from the HF2V. There is one video for 160, 80, 40, 30 and 20 meter bands each. I skipped the 15 and 10 meter bands due to the current solar activity – these bands are pretty much dead at my location. Yo can also watch the videos in higher resolution on my YouTube channel.