ATX-1080 SWR

The weather was quite rainy today but it cleared up during the afternoon. I decided to go outside with the FT-817 and the ATX-1080 antenna to make some SWR measurements. I also wanted to se how reliable the built-in SWR meter of the FT-187 actually is.

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No Tests This Time…

I am in Høm now for a few days of vacation. It’s nice summer and the wheather forecast looks very good. I was considering to put up the DX-88 to have a quick DX run 😉  Also, it would be rather nice to have the systematic SWR scan across all bands, which I didn not … Read more

A Little Disappointed

I put up the DX-88 together to have a good test run with my new IC-765. I did not bother too much in adjusting the parameters; they were quite good last time. Consequently, the SWR is far from impressive on most bands. It even seems to oscillate on some bands, eg. 30 meters. Hmm…

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The DX-88 is Up

After a trip to a local do-it-yourself centre to get some new U-bolts, the antenna is finally up again.
I tried to be careful in adjusting the lengths of the tuneable elements to be as accurate as possible but, apperantly, I did not succeed very well.

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New Base Element

I found out that Hy-Gain sells the base element separately! Maybe many other people have been having the same problem as me. Anyway, I ordered one right away via Norad for something like 70 Euros.

Antenna Review

I have now gone through the antenna to check what condition it is in. The bottom section is very bad and there are lots of things to be done before this antenna can do me any good.

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