My new website

Some of you may have noticed that my website has undergone significant changes. This was a consequence of my old website being compromised and and infected by malware.

My old website was running Joomla 1.5, which was no longer receiving security updates and so it was a hacker magnet. I wanted to upgrade for a long time now but there was no easy upgrade path.

Eventually, it turned out that migrating from Joomla 1.5 to WordPress was much easier than migrating from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3.5 and so I decided to make the switch to WordPress. This migration has some less fortunate consequences, namely that the internal links have changed.

All the content should still be there with the same title but under a slightly different URL. Fortunately, there is a good search function.

If you have been reading my website through an RSS feed reader then you most likely have to re-add it again. The feeds are now different.

You may also notice that the comments have also disappeared. Actually, the comments still exists on Disqus but they are no longer linked to the pages, probably due to the changed URL and / or page IDs. I’m not sure.

You can still read the old comments here.

I also need to find a proper theme and layout for the front page. Suggestions and ideas are welcome.

I have been thinking quite a lot about whether I should re-enable comments or just drop it. My original goal with letting people comment on the articles was to stimulate exchange of ideas and have open discussions about various technical topics.

Well, that never really happened… Instead, most of the comments are “please help me” type questions as if I had nothing better to do than be a 24/7 technical help-desk. The reason why I find them annoying is that the same is happening in my mailbox and my Twitter account.

I give a lot of technical support to family, friends, fellow hams, etc. But there is usually some human contact or general caring for each other involved. That does not seem to be the case when I receive help requests from strangers who only care about getting help with their problem. Hence the feeling of being a help-desk.

Anyway, I have decided to leave the commenting on for now and see where it goes.

Feel free to drop me a message if you find something broken.

4 thoughts on “My new website”

  1. Hi Alex, just be aware that WP too is a hacker magnet but if you’re hosting with and being certain to update/patch often. There are audit tools if you haven’t already deplyed them, that can notify you regarding urgent updates. Thanks for all your great SDR project work, especially for the linux support!

    • Thanks for the info! My wordpress seems to update itself when patches are released and I also get notified about new versions of both wordpress and the plugins. So that part is working well for me as long as I log into the control panel regularly. I still need to find a proper theme, though.

  2. Hi Alex. GQRS crashes on startup on my 12-core Mac…. Pls let me know at lucaturin [at} where I can send the crash report. Thanks Luca

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