Meteor-M N2 LRPT downlink

Tonight I tested the turnstile antenna and Airspy on the Meteor-M N2 LRPT downlink signal. It was a good, high elevation pass and it looks like the signal is strong enough to decode the transmitted images.

Meteor-M N2 LRPT

Shortly after the Meteor-M pass there was a very low elevation NOAA-15 pass. To my surprise, I could follow the signal through the whole pass and it might even have been decodable. I did not record it so I do not know for sure.

NOAA-15 at very low elevation

It looks like the antenna is performing very well 🙂

2 thoughts on “Meteor-M N2 LRPT downlink”

  1. Hi Alexandru
    I have been printing APT from all LEO WX satellites including Meteor M2 in the past using RTL-SDRs and a variety of Software including SDR#. (my favorite) These days I use Linux Mint and Gqrx but Gqrx doesn’t talk to to SDRPlay. What are you using to decode the Russian Meteor digital satellites? I have done it in the past but was a cumbersome process. I see in your photos you are using Linux. I hate windows but there are one or two Windows programs I still need to run. Video processing and SDRuno so I can’t quite go completely with Linux alone yet. I have found home made QFH antennas with antenna mounted LNA work best as I am in a low area with lots of trees.
    73 Bob vk2byf

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the info. I do not yet have any setup to decode LRPT images from Meteor. There is some software around on the Internet, but I did not yet have a chance to check it out.


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