Stop for Today

No matter how exciting it is to assemble the K1, I feel I have to stop now. I’m getting quite tired and I don’t want to make any mistakes. Not on the K1!

So far everything went fine although I did encounter some minor difficulties along the way, and I have learned that my soldering stations/irons are really louzy. Not one of them is able to maintain a temperature above 400 deg C. Damn, I can’t afford a new soldering station right now.

The difficulties I have encountered were with C13 and C20, which are small ceramic trimmers and they have to be mounted with their flat side aligned with the outline on the PCB. Their outlines, however, have been “overwritten” by the solder mask, thus it is impossible to see which way they should be placed. Fortunately, I looked them up in the parts placement drawing at the back of the assembly manual and here I could clearly see how the should be mounted.