The K1 is Taking Shape

After mounting L2, T1 and T2 on the RF board, it was time to mount the side panels on the RF board and mate it with the assembled front panel board. This has to be done before the receiver alignments and it is really cool, because I can now see the K1 taking shape:

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More RF Board Progress

More progress with the RF board. I have mounted all the crystals on the board. Next step is to wind some toroids. At this point the assembly manual explains that when windind toroid transformers, it is okay for the secondary to overlap with the turns of the primary and they need not be interleaved. That … Read more

K1 RF Board progress

I have made some further progress with the RF board. Everything went fine and both the resistance and the voltage tests are perfect. In the mean time I also had to fix my soldering iron, which had a bad connection inside the iron. Well, it is at least properly soldered now :o)  

Stop for Today

No matter how exciting it is to assemble the K1, I feel I have to stop now. I’m getting quite tired and I don’t want to make any mistakes. Not on the K1!

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