Using the UT-100 DVB-T modulator on Linux

In October last year I learned about the UT-100 series of DVB-T modulators available from a company in Taiwan. At that time I have already been working with software defined video broadcasting; however, I still found the idea of a small USB-stick modulator very appealing for use with embedded devices. In this post I have collected my notes about setting up and testing the UT-100 modulator on Linux.

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Fun with WebSDR and Fldigi

Tonight I had some fun with Fldigi connected to Web SDR. I could actually listen to and decode digital ham radio traffic on the 80 and 40 meter bands without using a radio or antenna. The way I achieved it was by configuring Fldigi to capture its data using the built-in microphone and turn the … Read more

IC-765 in Digital Modes

The Christmas Holidays are just over for me and I have had a chance to work some radio. Unfortunately, I had to work between Christmas and New Years Eve, nevertheless, I managed to do a few QSOs. My main goal was to work on the WARC bands and try some PSK31 with the IC-765.

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