Eeeham Status

Note: This page is now obsolete since I have installed Ubuntu 9.04 desktop edition on the Eeepc. This opens the door to use all ham radio applications available for Ubuntu!

Eeeham dedicated to ham radio applications on the Asus eeepc. The idea is to have a set of Linux ham radio applications built on a host computer and packaged and configured so that they can be run off an SD or USB disk on the eeepc. User data related to the applications shall be stored on the same disk. I think this is a good approach since it will keep the eeepc system disk clean of my experiments.

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Grig Developer Info

If you consider yourself to be an advanced Linux user, or maybe even a free software developer, you will find the information on this page useful. Latest Source Code If you want to try the latest source code you should get it directly from the CVS repository. This page gives you detailed instructions on how … Read more

Grig User Support

Web Forum Gpredict has its own forum on where you can ask for support or discuss anything related to gpredict. You have to subscribe in order to post your comments and questions. Mailing lists The groundstation-user mailing list is intended for everything related the installation, use, and discussions of grig. Announcements of new releases … Read more

Grig Documents

There is a manual page which you can read by typing man grig in your terminal.  The manual page is reproduced below.   NAME grig – graphical user interface for the Ham Radio Control Libraries (hamlib)   SYNOPSIS grig [OPTION]…   DESCRIPTION Grig is a simple Ham Radio control (CAT) program based on the Ham … Read more

Grig Download Information

Currently, I can only guarantee installation support for source package, although binary packages may be available from third parties. Brief installation instructions and notes are given below. Please also study the documents available in the source package. Source Packages The latest source distribution can be downloaded from the SourceForge download area. Unpack the source package … Read more

Grig Features

Grig offers you a simple, fast and easy to use graphical interface to your radio. And it offers you the same user interface regardless of what kind of radio you are using. Grig will not try to mimic the look and feel of a particular radio front panel, instead it tries to offer you an ergonomical graphical user interface.

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Grig Screenshots

Below you can see some standards screenshots of Grig. You can browser the full set of grig screenshots and diagrams in my Grig picture gallery.   The Main Window The main window gives you access to the most common functions including frequency, mode, filter and AGC controls. Besides being the most common, these CAT commands … Read more

About Grig

Grig is a simple Ham Radio control (CAT) program based on the Ham Radio Control Libraries (Hamlib). It is intended to be highly generic presenting the user to the same graphical user interface regardless of which radio is being controlled. Grig supports the most commonly used CAT commands that are implemented by Hamlib, and integrates … Read more