MPX4115A Pressure Sensor with Arduino

Today I have successfully interfaced an MPX4115A pressure sensor to my Arduino board. The MPX4115A is an analog pressure sensor that outputs an analog voltage proportional with the pressure. The setup is the same as the previous one with the TMP102 temperature sensor; I just added the pressure sensor, a few decoupling capacitors and connected it to an analog input of the Arduino board.

MPX4115A pressure sensor connected to an Arduino Duemilanove.

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TMP102 Temperature Sensor with Arduino

At long last, I have found some time to start playing with Arduino stuff!

I decided that good starter project would be simple weather station that reads temperature, pressure, … sensors and shows them on an LCD display. Below you will see a first cut using a TMP102 temperature sensor from Texas Instruments mounted on a breakout board from Sparkfun.

Arduino mock-up

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