Lucky DX, again…

I don’t know how it happens, but very often I find myselv being on the right frequency at the right time. The right time means when a DX station starts calling but before the crowd begins shouting.

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Tuning the Butternut HF2V

Like with any other multi-band vertical the different bands are coupled with each other. This means that modifying the settings on one band will influence the others. This effect is worst on the low bands (40 and below) and less noticeable on the higher bands. If you only have the basic two-band HF2V there are only two bands/parameters to adjust and you can easily get through the alignment by doing a few iterations on each band. However, if you have the 30 or the 160 (or both) extensions mounted, aligning all 3 or 4 bands can become an endless process.

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My HF2V is now OTA!

Now that my HF2V was tuned rather well, it was time to test it on the air. I started out on 30 meters where I worked SVØXAO right away. He gave me 589 and I gave him 599. Despite the good reports there was a lots of QRN on the band. This didn’t stop me … Read more

Tuning the 40m Coil

With the current settings on 30m (26cm 2.5 turns shorted), fc on 40 shifted to 7.188 MHz – even with 8 turns shorted. Moving the shorting strap to 7 turns, fc shifts to 6.988 MHz. With 7.5 turns shorted fc = 7.039 MHz.

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